For the first time, there's a sophisticated process for assembling a portfolio of residential real properties for investment quality returns.

Traditionally, the residential real estate investment market has been driven by sales to the owner occupant market, and not treated as an asset class. The institutional quality that characterizes the financial markets was missing. Now, there's Intelligent Aggregation, solving the single family real estate investment puzzle.

What is Intelligent Aggregation?

We've analyzed the national housing market with an understanding that it is actually hundreds of cities and thousands of local markets, each with their own fundamentals and yield potentials.

By tracking population, migration, demographic, employment, cost of living, quality of life and governance trends, we can now forecast housing demand far into the future.

Against these metrics, we've rigorously pre-screened single family assets in the best markets that reveal the true yield potential. This lets us build increased-yield portfolios to the specifications of our clients that continually outperform the broader market.

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